A memory from the pre-life (not a tax story)

Leonora Carrington — Figuras fantásticas a caballo, 2011

Everything was quiet. Just ahead of me, angels were handing out forms to throngs of people as they filtered onto the cloud top.

On my lap was a carefully-typed paper, slightly luminous, with a list of questions:

Have you been good…

Why the solution to everything is closer than you think

I’ve never properly understood the phrase ‘leap of faith’.

I’ve always assumed it refers to a daring jump into the unknown, like moving continent, proposing to someone you’re not sure about or taking a risky job in a distant land…

What might happen if I stopped thinking about what to do?

I have a little portable guru inside me — a kind of priest or rabbi module inherited from aeons of religious mindware — who whispers daily words of wisdom into my head and wants me to write them down…

They say there is a visitor coming to town.

I clean the house, buy food and lay out my best table. There is no knowing how long the visitor might stay, so I make sure my finances are in good order and settle in for the wait.

There is a…

(make me nervous)

People who make things happen scare me. They either drink coffee all day to run around like wired lemmings or they emit a quiet driven intensity that reminds me of Lance Armstrong. Armstrong always made me nervous, even before he fell off the podium of public adulation. …

A manifesto

That’s what I’m talking about

When I was around 32 years old, I made the decision to leave full time employment and work for myself — my aim was to be a creative; to make my life by making content.

For me, this vocation represented something worthy and authentic — the 21st century…

Laurence Shorter

Author of The Optimist and The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life; seeker, speaker, coach

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